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那些活跃在不同国家的企业,需要的不仅仅是当地的一个服务提供者来建立和管理他们的海外分支机构:国际转移价格、综合报告、协调物流、所有映射在一个统一的企业资源规划系统中。[markerMore598713255]在1980年,InterGest就已开始通过特许经营的方式建立一个国际合作伙伴网络,为了提供给客户一个按照统一标准的专业的服务。 我们现在有超过50家合作伙伴遍布各国,不仅专业于设立、发展和管理一家当地的商业机构;还协助我们的客户解决跨文化问题,提供从财务,行业知识到员工结构的全方位的综合建议。

InterGest USA


InterGest North America LLC

Director: Wilfried Roggenbau
400 Oser Avenue, Suite 1650
Hauppauge, NY 11788


电话. +1 631 501 0500
传真 +1 631 501 1060

InterGest N. America Los Angeles

Director: Wilfried Roggenbau
1720 Ardmore Avenue, Suite 117
Hermosa Beach, CA 90254


电话. + 1 424 237 2165

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About InterGest North America
InterGest North America was formed in 1997 to assist foreign companies in establishing and developing their North America business activities in the USA. The benefit is that they receive a flexible administration solution including financial, legal and fiscal consulting and bookkeeping for all countries from a single source. InterGest North America provides these business administration services with local knowledge in English and German, and also through long and well established contacts.


Kerstin Roggenbau earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. After working for several months for a mid-size company in Germany, she gained extensive experience in the US retail business. Since 2004 she has been employed by InterGest North America. She opened the InterGest office in Beverly Hills, California in May 2009.


Wilfried Roggenbau has a Master of Business Administration degree with a concentration on international trade and finance from the University of Duisburg. He has over 20 years of experience for both German and American multinational corporations, including Thyssen, Rheinbraun and Citgo Petroleum. Wilfried Roggenbau worked as Financial Director in New York until 1997.


Where is InterGest North America
InterGest North America has its office in Hauppauge, Long Island, the biggest industrial pard east of the Mississippi. It is just a short drive from the centre of Manhattan’s theatre district and shopping centers as well as New York’s major airports J.F. Kennedy and la Guardia. The Los Angeles office is situated just a few miles from LAX International Airport and is situated in Hermosa Beach facing the Pacific Ocean not far away from the beaches of Santa Monica and Malibu.


Ulrike Anterist


电话. +49 681 59 18 78 12