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那些活跃在不同国家的企业,需要的不仅仅是当地的一个服务提供者来建立和管理他们的海外分支机构:国际转移价格、综合报告、协调物流、所有映射在一个统一的企业资源规划系统中。[markerMore598713255]在1980年,InterGest就已开始通过特许经营的方式建立一个国际合作伙伴网络,为了提供给客户一个按照统一标准的专业的服务。 我们现在有超过50家合作伙伴遍布各国,不仅专业于设立、发展和管理一家当地的商业机构;还协助我们的客户解决跨文化问题,提供从财务,行业知识到员工结构的全方位的综合建议。

InterGest Iran


InterGest Iran

c/o InterGest Turkey:
Istanbul Dunya Ticaret Merkezi
EGS Business Park Carsi Blok
Kat: 1, No. 77
34149 Istanbul / Türkei

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About InterGest Iran

InterGest Iran was formed in 2016 to serve foreign companies in establishing and developing their business activities in Iran. We offer our clients a flexible, tailored solution to ensure optimal growth in the Iranian Market.

Through our global network, we consult companies focused on exports, assisting them in establishing their own offices in foreign markets. Our services include company formation, market entry strategies and administration. Further information please find in our country flyer.

Since 2008 Yavuz Selim Şen is shareholder of InterGest Turkey and Iran. After studying Business Administration at Marmara University Istanbul he established his own tax consultancy firm in 1990. He is specialized in management and finance consulting.

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