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Enjoy the read! We are very much looking forward to seeing InterNews become a highly valued communication platform for our network.

With best regards
Nils, Peter & Alberto



Network News


We had a very successful meeting in Sofia. Everything was very well organized and therefore, one more big THANK YOU to you Maya for all of her efforts!

The workshop in the afternoon was well received and we would like to start to implement your ideas. We will start with the topic Marketing & Sales. The next InterNews will contain the topics "Products & Services" and "Network".



WHAT WE OFFER & PLAN in 2019/2020

InterGest Network

Synergy between partners

We should constantly improve our communication within our network – talk to each other!

Improve cross partner sales

When talking to your existing clients, remember to mention our network and the fact that we offer our services in over 50 countries. Some of our clients unfortunately still don`t know that.

Industry-specific partner knowledge

We are currently working on an overview displaying all skills of all partners.


Sales file - prepared checklist

We have 2 documents, which had been previously prepared for the Hannover Messe, but could still be helpful for general approaches:
First contact guide
8 Tips at fairs

Sales standards - sales scripts

We have a common quote for all partners which we highly recommend to use:
InterGest quote, German version
InterGest quote, English version

Training on how to sell InterGest

We would like to offer another training by Alexander Christiani - let us know if and when we should arrange it.

Client specifics

Client referral award

We are planning to host an event in autumn 2019 in Hamburg for InterGest clients during which we will award some of them. Details to follow, ideas appreciated.

References/testimonials from clients

Please refer to the (approved) list of client testimonials on our InterGest website.

Constant contact with clients on emotional level - be your clients` friend

It is easier to keep clients than to acquire new clients, hence we all must make an effort to foster the relationships with our clients. We need to listen intently to what they tell us, ask them what they need, stay in touch, talk to them.

5-year-plan for existing clients

Possible future project to contact existing clients and even introduce InterGest to the CEO (as CEO often does not know about InterGest at all).

Blog for potential clients

Technically, we already have a blog, we just need to fill it with content! If you hand in content, we will be more than happy to fill our blog and our newsletters with it.

Presents (cadeaux) for clients

In most countries it`s simply regarded as bribery to give your client a gift. But the gesture counts (see above, foster relationship), so sending seasonal / Christmas cards will surely do.

Events / roadshows / seminars

We have roadshows: we offer to all our partners to come on a roadshow in Germany. All you need to do is contact Kai and give her possible dates. We will try to get appointments with potential clients and arrange the whole tour for you.

Classic marketing 


We have Search Engine Optimization in place for our website and will put even more efforts in it in 2019.


We are planning to hold webinars in 2019.


We are sending out newsletters weekly to all clients and all potential clients. But the quality of these newsletters highly depend on your input!

Consistent wording about InterGest

From the marketing perspective it is really important to use consistent wording as well as CD and CI which also includes e-mail signatures, websites, newsletters etc. Please make use of the InterGest CI guidelines!

Social Media


Public Relations

We are constantly writing articles e.g. for the SENATE magazine or for blogs of our cooperation partners. We are also working on a book (“Export guidelines for businesses”) to be launched Q1 2019.


Please find the InterGest France video on our website, on YouTube and the “Sparkasse” app. Should you be interested in producing a similar video for your country we can provide you with the contact details of our film crew.


Elisabeth Heller (IG Austria) has had success with podcasts. Maybe she can take the lead in supporting the network with this?

More local partner websites

A IG partner website can easily be set up using our template. IG Hungary e.g. made use of the template and with a little help from IT had set up their IG Hungary website within just a few weeks.

Other Ideas

Shared Services

Local partnerships / cooperations

There are partnerships / cooperations which might work just for you and only in your country. They can work as a multiplicator for your InterGest business, but also for InterGest in general.



May we introduce our new InterGest partner for Lebnaon, Hassan Sakr?

Hassan Sakr is the new Director of InterGest Lebanon. He holds a law degree specialising in International Taxation. He is located in Beirut ...


We are also happy to present to you our new partner for InterGest Brazil. Cohimbra?



IG France: Posting of craftsmen

A trade in hand finds gold in every land - this saying is still of great importance today. Europe is famous for its high standards in terms of trade training and qualification, "made in Germany" is still known to stand for highest quality. Hence, German craftsmen are highly appreciated for their skills and their reliability, especially by our French neighbors nearby since they are seemingly easy to get across the border.

The demand for German craftsmen has therefore increased, however - with the current law on position - French bureaucracy is very complicated and time-consuming which discourages Germans to cross the border and find new clients in France.

InterGest France has a solution to offer: a complete service starting with private contracts and going as far as major construction projects, covering all tax and labor law issues.

For more information please refer to our flyer (in German) and our freshly launched landing page.


Update on Cooperations

First success: Briloner, one of our InterGest clients, took advantage of the AIMS services to find a Salesperson for their subsidary in Spain. First provision of 10%  paid to InterGest Worldwide.


InterGest Worldwide was one of three sponsors. Ulrike Anterist joined the event and took the chance to network for the InterGest group. 




Special Thanks to all Contributors

Peter Anterist, Nils Blunck, Alberto Canova, Ulrike Anterist, Maya Neidenowa


Your Feedback Please

Your feedback is essential and therefore highly appreciated! Please feel more than welcome to get in touch with your comments, your ideas, any kind of input - just send an email to


IG WW Services

The InterGest Worldwide GmbH will supply the following services free of charge to all InterGest-Partners:

  • Senat der Wirtschaft: identification and approach of potential clients
  • Identification and approach of potential clients in general (always ongoing)
  • Newsletter in German and English (suitable content to be provided by the partners in German or English)
  • Advertising of Germany-Road Shows of the Partners
  • Identification of country specific events in Germany and Delegations Worldwide

Marketing Deliverables

New layout for the InterGest powerpoint 

Please finde the template here.