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Any business that operates internationally requires more than just a local service provider for the establishment and management of their foreign operations. Since the early 1980s, InterGest has steadily expanded internationally. We now have 45 InterGest partners and operate in over 50 countries, offering clients the same level of professional service and support worldwide. InterGest partners are not only specialists in establishing, developing and managing business entities; they also assist clients with intercultural issues and provide comprehensive advice in all key areas of business.

InterGest Polska


InterGest Polska

Janusz Tunkiewicz
ul. Przyczółkowa 324
02-962 Warsaw


Phone +48 22 1010 222
Mob. +48 601 238 530
Mob. +48 696 423 820

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What services are provided?
InterGest Polska assists foreign companies in establishing and developing their business activities in Poland.


Janusz Tunkiewicz works with InterGest since 2006. He has more than 20 years experience in Interna-tional Business, especially in the fields of Ma-nagement, Sales, Logistic and Administration. Mr. Tunkiewicz speaks German, English and Russian.


Aleksandra Serafin is tax advisor, lawyer, a member of the Mazowiecki Branch of the National Chamber of Tax Advisers in Warsaw. She graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration of Jagiellonian University. She graduated with distinction from the School of German Law at the Jagiellonian University, Ruprecht Karl University of Heidelberg and the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz. Independent Accountant. She graduated Postgraduate Studies in International Tax Strategies at Warsaw School of Economics (SGH).

Specializes in issues of avoidance of international double taxation, income taxes, transfer pricing and VAT as well as in matters of administrative law, immigration and international secondment of employees.

With successes represents taxpayers and tax remitters in proceedings before tax authorities and administrative courts.

Aleksandra speaks fluent Polish, German and English. Since many years she is advising international and domestic companies in administration management from the start-up and during the business activities. Aleksandra is an experienced coach and trainer.


Ulrike Anterist

International Coordination

Tel. +49 681 59 18 78 12