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10.07.2017 11:43

InterGest is 45 years - SAVE THE DATE!

On 19th of October 2017, we would like to welcome you in Hamburg to spend the day with us.

From lunchtime, exciting workshops will be held on the topics:
- Transfer pricing
- International Human Resources Management
- ASEAN (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia)
- SADC (Southern Africa)
- MOE (Middle & Eastern Europe)

In the evening our company anniversary will be celebrated with all participants.

When: 19 October 2017,around lunchtime
Where: Hauptzollamt, NordEvent, Alter Wandrahm 20, Hamburg

If you are interested, please contact Mrs. Currlin.

We are looking forward celebrating with you.




Kai Currlin

International Marketing

Tel. +33 3 8795 9988