<!-- BEGINN --><span class="inflexcap"><span class="cap_b cap_b_fr">InterGest </span><br/><span class="inflexcap"><span class="cap_b cap_b_fr">at </span><br/><span class="cap_b cap_b_fr">Hanover Messe 2016!</span> <br /></span><br /><div class="slidercontent"><div class="csc-textpic-text"><p>&nbsp;</p><p >We look forward to seeing you again this year at the world's most important industry trade show. Visit us in the Investment lounge and get some important tips for your future exporting country and a successful start abroad. You are welcome to make appointments and get free tickets in advance.<br><br>If you would like to get your personal appointment at the fair, please send us an email under hannovermesse2016@intergest.com</p><p ><p class="bodytext">InterGest Worldwide, Investment Lounge<br/>Hall 3, Stand H33/4<br/> </p></div></div><!-- ENDE -->
<!-- BEGINN --><span class="inflexcap"><span class="cap_b cap_b_fr">Meet 50 countries</span><br/><span class="inflexcap"><span class="cap_b cap_b_fr">on 10 square meters</span></span><br /><div class="slidercontent"><div class="csc-textpic-text"><p>&nbsp;</p><p ></span>Under the motto "Meet 50 countries on 10 square meters" InterGest is represented at the Hanover Fair again this year with over 20 partners from its network of over 50 countries. Visit us for a personal interview in the Investment lounge to interesting events and our raffle. Among all visitors, we are giving away a customized market study for the export country of your choice.</p><p class="bodytext">InterGest Worldwide, Investment Lounge<br/>Hall 3, Stand H33/4</p></div></div><!-- ENDE -->
<!-- BEGINN --><span class="inflexcap"><span class="cap_b cap_b_fr">Germany and the USA –</span><br/><span class="cap_b cap_b_fr"> Home of world leader </span></span><br /><div class="slidercontent"><div class="csc-textpic-text"><p>&nbsp;</p><p ></span><br>Under the patronage of Außenwirtschaftssenat we would like to invite you to our free of charge event “Germany and the USA – Home of world leader” at the <b>Business Forum 2, Hall 3</b>. The event on <b>Thursday, 28.04.2016, 9.00-11.30 h</b>, focuses primarily on German and export oriented companies.</p><p>Please sign in your attendance to our event under hannovermesse2016@intergest.com. Your free entry ticket to the fair will be send by you by ordering in the grey part.</p><p>Leading specialists from the world of politics and economy will provide valuable insights into international business relations with a focus on the USA.</p><p>Best practice example – a successful market entry in the States avoiding pitfalls – will be illustrated by Andreas Vollmer, Member of Executive Board from German’s world market leader Paul Horn GmbH. Following this event Dr. Walter Döring (former minister for economic affairs), Andreas Vollmer and Prof. Peter Anterist will be available for personal discussions as well as inviting you to network with experts from 50 countries in our investment lounge.</p></div></div><!-- ENDE -->
<!-- BEGINN --><span class="inflexcap"><span class="cap_b cap_b_fr">Canada – The simple alternative for </span><br/><span class="cap_b cap_b_fr">European companies to enter North America</span> <br /></span><br /><div class="slidercontent"><div class="csc-textpic-text"><p>&nbsp;</p><p > <b>Thursday, 28.04.2016, 14.00 – 16.00 h<br>Halle 3, VIP Room, Stand H33/10/VIP room, Stand H33/10</b><br>Discover Canada's investment advantages, its vibrant industries, and learn how to establish your business in Canada.<br>Get on-the-ground assistance, reach new export markets, expand your business internationally.<br><br><b>Canada Workshop</b><br>Organiser: InterGest Worldwide mit InterGest Canada<br>Language: German, English<br>14.00 – 15.00 Speeches<br>15.00 – 15.30 Panel discussion<br>15.30 – 16.00 Networking, 1-1 question time<br>Barbara William, Managing Director, InterGest Canada<br><br>Access is free in conjunction with a fair ticket. Prior registration is required vie E-Mail hannovermesse2016@intergest.com.<br> </p></div></div><!-- ENDE -->