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Les entreprises agissant dans différents pays ont besoin de bien plus qu’un seul fournisseur de services local pour la création et la gestion de leurs succursales étrangères : prix de transferts internationaux, reporting consolidé, logistique coordonnée – et tout ça représenté dans un seul système ERP.[markerMore598713255]C’est en 1980 qu’InterGest a commencé à mettre en place un réseau international de partenaires dans un système de franchise afin d’offrir un service professionnel à ses clients, selon des normes uniformes et dans les domaines où ils en avaient besoin. Nous avons désormais des partenaires dans plus de 50 pays. Ce sont non seulement des spécialistes quand il s’agit de fonder, de développer et de gérer une structure d’entreprise locale, mais nos partenaires aident également nos clients à répondre à toutes les questions interculturelles et leur fournissent des conseils complets dans tous les domaines d’exploitation – de la comptabilité aux connaissances de la branche, en passant par les structures du personnel.

InterGest South Africa

South Africa

InterGest South Africa (Pty) Ltd

Director: Volker Werth
PO Box 4367, Cresta 2118
1st Floor, Kiepersol House
Stone Mill Office Park, 300 Acacia Rd.
Darrenwood, Randburg 2194
South Africa


Tel. +27 11 476 1725
Fax +27 11 476 1813

Büro Kapstadt

Director: Volker Werth
The Business Centre, No 1 Bridgeway Road, Bridgeways Precinct, Century City, Cape Town 7441
South Africa


Tel. +27 11 476 1725
Fax +27 11 476 1813

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About InterGest South Africa
InterGest South Africa was established in 2003 to assist foreign companies in establishing and developing their business activities in South Africa.

Volker Werth, a practising attorney has gained valuable insight into local and worldwide business and trade by working in an international law firm in Brussels and managing the Trade and Law Departments of the Southern African German Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He is spezialized in Corporate and Commercial law and is supported by a team of professionals.

The services available include: Company formation and fiduciary administration, Bookkeeping and accountancy, Import / Export administration, Financial accounting and design of management information systems (MIS), Controlling, cross-border and consolidated reporting, Commercial project management, Cash- and credit management, including administration of bank accounts, Human resource issues of all kinds, including recruitment, Comprehensive payroll service, Scrutiny of contracts and assistance in negotiations, Assistance in a wide range of legal and tax matters, Value-added tax management, Statistical goods declarations / Intrastat, Invoicing and collection of receivables, Debt collection, Support in building up sales services

Where to find InterGest South Africa?
The InterGest South Africa offices are located in Johannesburg, the economic metropolis of South Africa and the sub Saharan region. They are located in a prestigious Johannesburg Business district, 10 minutes from the city centre and near to the airport. Since the first democratic elections in 1994, South Africa has emerged a promising trade and investment destination with a first world economic infrastraucture. A strong emerging market economy offers a growth oriented  and entrepreneurial trading and investment environment that has many global competitive advantages and opportunities. South Africa is the largest economy in Africa and has highly developed transport and banking systems, supported by an excellent physical infrastructure.

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