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We would like to introduce our new INTERNAL InterGest Newsletter with some brief News about our InterGest Network. Our goal is to share this Newsletter on a monthly basis, but to do so would require input from as many of you as possible on a regular basis. (new clients, trade fairs, new projects, important news about your country etc.)

Please send any and all news you would like to share with the entire InterGest group to Kai Currlin so that she can prepare the final Newsletter.





What is PAMMON42: PAMMON42 (P42) is a central IT system for the consolidation, visualization and monitoring of international human resources (HR). P42 also serves as a tool for central personnel management in more than 50 countries of the InterGest organization worldwide.

Status quo: P42 was programmed for our client Viega since a competitor offered the same solution but Viega wanted to stay with InterGest. The It-solution is programmed and ready,currently we work on finalising the databse with the support of 13 InterGest-Parnters.

Target: As soon as P42 is running we will be able to offer it to all InterGest clients and to potential new clients.

Opportunity: Excisting clients will think twice to leave InterGest, potential new clients might actually be interested in InterGest because of P42.


IT survey within the InterGest Network

You will find a survey in sharepoint about the IT Structure in your company.

Balasz Perjesy, IT specialist and hired by InterGest Worldwide, will contact you all and will provide you with the necessary information and guidance.

We would like you to fill out the survey as soon as possible so that we get an overview of the different IT structures in our network.   




New InterGest-Clients 2017


Annual Meeting InterGest 2017

When: 18-22.10.2017

Where: Hamburg, Germany




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