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Any business that operates internationally requires more than just a local service provider for the establishment and management of their foreign operations. Since the early 1980s, InterGest has steadily expanded internationally. We now have 45 InterGest partners and operate in over 50 countries, offering clients the same level of professional service and support worldwide. InterGest partners are not only specialists in establishing, developing and managing business entities; they also assist clients with intercultural issues and provide comprehensive advice in all key areas of business.

InterGest Panama


InterGest Panama & CA S.A.

Director: Gregor Vorderwülbecke

Vía Tocumen, San Antonio, Calle Pedro J. Ameglio
Centro Comercial Villa Internacional, local No. 2, Planta Baja
Ciudad de Panama


Phone +52 222 426 6802

Country Flyer InterGest Panama (503 kB)

About InterGest Panama
InterGest Panama was founded by Gregor Vorderwülbecke - who has been working successfully in this region since 2005 - to assist foreign companies in establishing and developing their business activities in Panama and Central America. Panama is known as the hub of the Americas, as it has the best logistical and tax conditions to support Latin America from there and / or to distribute goods to the countries. InterGest Panama offers its services for the entire region. InterGest Panama offers its services for the entire region ensuring that all provided services are at all times transparent as well as compliant and in accordance with the local legislation.

Where to find InterGest Panama
The InterGest Panama office is located in the San Antonio district, i.e. between downtown Panama City and Tocumen Airport, which in turn plays a key role in the region with over 70 national and international connections. The free port can also be reached quickly from the InterGest Panama office.


Ulrike Anterist

International Coordination

Tel. +49 681 59 18 78 12

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