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Any business that operates internationally requires more than just a local service provider for the establishment and management of their foreign operations. Since the early 1980s, InterGest has steadily expanded internationally. We now have 45 InterGest partners and operate in over 50 countries, offering clients the same level of professional service and support worldwide. InterGest partners are not only specialists in establishing, developing and managing business entities; they also assist clients with intercultural issues and provide comprehensive advice in all key areas of business.

InterGest Nordic - Scandinavia and Finland

Nordic - Scandinavia and Finland

InterGest Nordic

managed by
InterGest Denmark

Contact person:
Henrik Kryger
Hørkær 12A
2730 2730


Phone DK: +45 40 10 32 30

Country Flyer InterGest Nordic (511 kB)

About InterGest Nordic
InterGest Nordic was first formed  to assist foreign companies in establishing and developing their business activities in the Nordic region.

Our services and systems are designed to assist our clients in developing an optimum concept for the establishment and administration of a branch or subsidiary in the Nordic region and this with one contact person.

We offer:
  • Comprehensive Nordic solutions customized for international customers with single point of contact for accounting and payroll services, based on local accountants and consultants in each country
  • Accounting and payroll procedures and deliveries are continuingly optimized through automation, standardization and specialization
  • Payroll administration services where local payroll consultants always will be updated on country specific legislation
  • Consultancy within local accounting, pay-roll and related areas delivered in corporation with local experts supporting all types of business in cash management, payment transfers, tax/vat consultancy, annual accounts and tax returns
  • Strong IT- and system solutions based on high level experience within local and international systems, including customization, integrations and implementation etc.
Henrik Kryger has a Master of science in Business administration (Copenhagen Business school) and has worked in the Nordic Region for more than 25 years. As General Manager for accounting and payroll services, he has a broad knowledge of all the processes. He has worked with companies and clients in all Nordic countries, but primarily in Denmark and Finland. Henrik speaks English and Danish.


Ulrike Anterist

International Coordination

Tel. +49 681 59 18 78 12

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