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After successfully completing his law degree and dissertation, Dr. jur. Heinz Anterist began working as a legal advisor in 1966 at the Anterist & Schneider forwarding company in Saarbrücken (Germany), which his grandfather had helped to found in 1917.

There he realised that the exporting companies that had their goods transported from Germany to neighbouring France needed not only logistics, but also a service provider to support them on the other side of the border by taking care of matters that were not part of their core competence, such as company formation, accounting, legal and tax advice or payroll accounting.
Heinz Anterist searched for a provider of such services, but without success. He therefore decided to set up a company himself that could provide this service. - The idea of InterGest was born and the company of the same name was founded in 1972 in Sarreguemines, France.

The name InterGest is derived from the French activity description "Gestion Internationale", translated as "international management".

From France, Heinz Anterist steadily opened up other countries for his customers by looking for competent local partners who wanted to join the InterGest network as franchisees.

In 2001, Heinz Anterist handed over the management of the company to his son Peter. Peter Anterist is also a lawyer and visiting professor at CUFE University in Beijing.

In 2006, Heinz Anterist was awarded the Federal Cross of Merit on Ribbon by the then Federal President Dr. Horst Köhler for the development of this company concept and the establishment of the worldwide InterGest organisation.

In order to spread the tasks of the group's expansion over several shoulders, InterGest Worldwide was founded in 2016 with the three general managers Prof. Peter Anterist, Nils Blunck (InterGest partner in Hungary) and Dr. Alberto Canova (InterGest partner in Italy) as the umbrella company.

The founder Heinz Anterist was chairman of the supervisory board of InterGest France S.A.S. and a licensed lawyer in Saarbrücken until his death in 2020.

Today, the InterGest Group operates with around 45 partners in over 50 countries. Nearly 750 employees work in the InterGest Group's offices worldwide, managing just over 1,700 branches of international companies in a fiduciary capacity.


SINCE 1972